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Up for auction is an amazing, original xxxx CB 750 painted in stock factory candy gold.!! Absolutely everything on this motorcycle is factory original except for left mirror and a new battery! It even has an original honda logo fob on the key ring! This beauty has only 4,691 original miles. WOW! Original Bridgestone Japanese made tires. California blue and yellow plate with xxxx tags on it... It hasn't seen the road since xxxx! Slightly faded headlight bucket and some small dents on the top of the ears. The gas tank has 2 very small dimples...almost invisible unless you look at the tank at an angle. No major dents! The inside of the tank needs to be flushed. Original petcock has been rebuilt. I got the bike running on my "I.V". set up..... I did not want to dirty up the petcock and the carbs. The gas cap is original and shiny but is pitted. It has the thumb latch as it should. The bike has HM 300 original exhaust in great condition. No major rust, no holes...excellent chrome. The left underside has some small dents you can see in the pics...from loading on a trailer i think..or tipping over on the left side. The right side is smooth and dent free. Baffles were removed by previous owner. I have them and they will come with the bike. The bike has the black killswitch, single cut front fender, and the original ducktail seat! Unfortunately the owners dog tore this amazing seat! It is tragic. I'm including an aftermarket KO seat with the sale. I highly recommend having the original seat fixed by a qualified upholsterer. It is still very cushy and the seat is in amazing shape...really nice trim... Worth saving! The side covers are complete with good-looking emblems and screens are intact. They are not cracked but they are showing their age. Air box is original and in good shape as well. 2 small cracks on the underside but still, very sturdy. Carbs were removed, cleaned and synched. Speedo and Tach are in great shape and in working order. All lights light up... the turn signal jewel is falling in a bit. The tach has a crack across the face but is fully functional. The rear fender was destroyed by a sissy bar that was put on by the previous owner but hey, it was the 70's and that's what they did!